Filters - get multi-coated, super multi-coated, digital multi-coated, or ?

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Chris Dodkin
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Re: Hoya HMC

Well, the Hoya UVs fit nicely - thread well, and (more importantly) come off easily when you need to swap to another filter! Smooth, would be a good description.

I've tried 'cheap' filters in stores, and that moment when it fails to thread, binds-up, then cross threads, always reminds me of why I choose a decent brand.

For my CPL, I managed to source a Canon branded one on EBAY for a great price - and that is also excellent.

My ND grad is Tiffen, as are the rest of my ND set - Tiffen seem to be a similar build quality to Hoya/B+W etc.

The rear mount CPL filters in my 300 f2.8 and 600 f4 are Canon - as they are the only ones I've found that are specifically designed for those lenses.

I've thought about the Pro, extra digital, widescreen, slim, double shot skinny latte models - but believe that you're just spending more to feel better in that case.

I can't see any IQ difference with my UV filter on or off - so that made up my mind for me.

Hope that helps.

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