colormunki, custom printer profile, or both?

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Re: colormunki, custom printer profile, or both?

I went with the purchasing of a Colormunki. I was able to get one for $399, and with the $75 rebate, it made it only $324. I had some odds and ends that I was no longer using so I traded them in and ended up only paying $209 total. The thing that I like about the Colormunki is that I am able to profile my printer and then keep profiling images on my computer with my printer till I have a printer profile that is just perfect. The canned profiles that you can get from the paper companies are nice, but they were just not as close as I wanted them to be. I also like the fact that if for some reason I find myself wanting to use a new paper that is out, I can profile it and utilize that paper for some really great prints.

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