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Re: Ok then - Plus

Since JPEG picture file size depends strongly upon the picture content, it can vary considerably. For instance, the same-sized picture of some dense tree branches, and another showing a yellow-clad skier on the snow under the blue sky will differ a lot in filesize, owing to the complexity of the contents and JPEG compression principle.

But when you define the length of the longer picture size (regardless of the format and/or aspect) that should be enough. If the usual 1600 pixels can be said to contain enough data for quality presentation (sufficient for most monitors), the largest possible picture would be a 1:1 (1600 x 1600 px), all other picture formats would have smaller surface (filesize). Anyway, it is better to resize a picture to required size and then tweak it a bit to correct the resizing losses, than sending up the large file and hoping its quality survives the automatic resizing.

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