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Re: some positive advice from me

Hi Alex,

on my old Metz flash which recently died I had a "W" switch position (for winder advance from old film times). This position was always very useful when there was a need for fast flash use/recycling times - at the toll of a reduced output power but still fine for shorter distances. I used this position, for example in sports events (running, triatlon) when weather/light was bad. The point is that it never stopped because of overheating going on until battery pack empties which in some cases was after more than 2,000 shots taken. As I'm getting a new unit now I was wondering if the setting option which allows a reduced output might work similar or whether there's a specific setting for fast sequenced flash with reduced power. Are you aware of such a setting on the Sony?

BTW how do modern flash units work with the reduced FOV of APS-C sensor cameras? I had on my old flash for several times the standard front diffusor "roasted" from inside when working with WA lenses and the low light conditions demanding high flash power while due to the WA of the motor zoom of the flash the bulb got quite close to the diffusor. So the question is, do modern units interpret a 16mm WA setting on an APS-C correctly as FOV of 24mm or do they still set the flash zoom according to the FL of the lens as informed by the camera?
Michael Fritzen

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