Help - A77 + 70-400G/slow shutter - shake snag

Started Dec 8, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: from my experience

When the A77 first started to get into peoples hands a fellow on this board did a test of the SS and the electronic first curtin shutter. His results showed that for tripod mounting the SS introduce a little unsharpness to the image but nothing like seen in the OPs photos. The use of mechanical shutter also induced more unsharpness versus using the electronic first curtain. Ideally you should use electronic first curtain and turn SS off when using a tripod. For long exposures make sure it is a sturdy one with a good head. You really had to pixel peep to see the effect of the mirror or shutter induced vibrations, so in a lot of shots it probably would not make much of a difference.

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