Dual Layer DVD reliable storage medium?

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Re: Re Millenniata M-Disc reliable storage

CAcreeks wrote:

bruceh wrote:

I just ordered the internal LG GH22NS90B drive from NewEgg (just $17) and delivery is tomorrow. The problem is, I ordered 10 M-Disc's and Millenniata has yet to ship it so I don't know when I'll have media to test with. The 10-pack is $29 and shipping is $8, though they haven't confirmed the latter.

That is certainly a reasonable price!

I had a hard time finding capacity of an M-Disc on the Millenniata website, but Engadget says it is the same as DVD+R, 4.7GB.

Yes, I was flabbergasted to see how cheap it was... I actually bought 2.

Yes, the capacity is the standard 4.7GB. Their FAQ is located at http://millenniata.com/faq/

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