GH2 and AF-C (and BIF)

Started Dec 9, 2011 | Discussions thread
sacundim Senior Member • Posts: 1,111
Separated by a common language...

Chris R-UK wrote:

I have just come back from a very lazy 10 days on the beach in St Lucia in the Caribbean. There were a number of bown boobies cruisng off the beach so, while lying on my sun longer, I decided to test out AF-C on my GH2 with a 45-200 lens. [...] With a booby at just about any distance over 25 yds it would lock on easily and maintain the lock for a second or two but then lose it completely. [...] AF-C was quite useless for shooting the boobies but AF-S was generally fast enought for single shots or a series of shots, although my keeper rate was very low.

You may want to explain to some of us across the pond some of the idiosyncrasies of British vocabulary. Cuz otherwise we're going to conclude that you spent your Caribbean vacation taking snaps of topless beachgoers...

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