1DX crop mode?

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Re: 1DX crop mode?

Alex Dawson wrote:

Most of you seem to misunderstand me. I need to clarify my only needs!

1. What I am looking for is a camera that is better than Nikon D3s on extreme ISO's

Unless you mean extreme low ISO's, you are very unlikely to find one. Almost for sure, the 1D X will not be significantly betetr, if better at all.

2. I only shoot ultra wide angle 110°-180° fisheye or rectangular aperture f2,8-f4.

Why do you choose f/2.8 or f/4?

3. I need a DX or APS-C lens since it gives me more depth of field wide open retaining the ultra wide angle.

If you want the same DOF on the D3s, stop down to f/4.2-6. You will get the same DOF and the wide angle.

4. I need the lens to be as sharp it can be in the extreme corners on wide open aperture.

Don't go for a Canon UWA, in that case.

5. It needs to be AF

As the Nikons are

6. I need a minimum 10-12 mpix

Which you have on the D3s

If the 1Dx can fit the sigma 8-16mm it might be the solution.

In what sense? The Sigma 8-16 is an f/4.5-5.6 on APS-C. That is like using a f/6.7-f/8.4 on FF. It gets nowhere near the f/2.8-f/4 you say you always use.

If i mount it with a 1,4x converter I doubt It will keep the field of view...?

It will keep a slightly wider field of view than it will in crop mode, especially if it were a Canon 1.6x crop mode.
I think you are barking up quite a few wrong trees here.

1. I assume that from your use of f/2.8 and emphasis on 'high ISO' that you are concerned with noise in low light. If you use crop mode in a FF camera, you will not retain the low light noise performance, it is just like using a crop camera, except with not as many pixels. So, if it is low light performance you are after, crop mode is not what you want.

2. In terms of the light captured by the sensor, and therefore the noise, a TC is just like a crop of teh same magnification factor, so a 1.4x TC acts just like a 1.4x crop. The TC adds a little optical aberration, but if good not a lot, and it retains the benefit of the full pixel count, which usually results in a better overall result than the equivalent crop. But, from what you say, you don't want any crop.

3. Cropping a WA lens will always make it narrower. If you want a wide AOV, going to crop mode is a bad idea.

4. Cropping the 18MP 1D X to 1.6 x will only leave you with 7MP, a long way short of your 12MP minimum.

5. If you really like the Sigma 8-16, then it's best used on a APS-C camera, Nikon or Canon as you choose. If you want the same AOV on FF, Nikon has the 12-24/2.8 which is a superb lens and nearly 3 stops faster taking into account the crop. If that's too expensive, Tokina does a 12-24, which is apparently quite good. Either of those would be a better solution to the Sigma used in crop mode.

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