D800: NikonRumors seems to be very sure now

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Re: D800: NikonRumors seems to be very sure now

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately not.

There seem to be several Japanese sports photographers which use Nikon equipment testing a new Nikon camera, with a 18MP sensor and with video capabilities.

That is unfortunately the only information I have which is for 99.99% sure regarding a 18MP camera being tested.

I myself like also to see a 18MP camera with very good (D3S comparable) image quality and with extended video capabilities, but knowing the above which should be correct, I think this will not be the D700 successor, already knowing the type of photographers testing it at hte moment.


Jeff Folkins wrote:

M Lammerse wrote:

There will be 2 new camera's available beginning of coming year.

A follow up of the D3S (almost sure an 18MP camera)
A follow up of the D700 (rumored 36MP camera)

Both are more or less confirmed by a Japanese colleague of me.

He himself will join a presentation of new equipment in January. Usually he is not so open about it. I'm sure it's correct, otherwise he would not have said it

Also the information of Nikonrumors is probable correct about the details of the D700 follow up.

Michel, whereas I am happy that these cameras will finally be coming out, I am fearful that it will be just as you described. What I dream of is a compromise between the two, i.e. the high ISO 18mp sensor in the D700 package and the lower cost. Have you heard any rumblings about such a camera as a follow on?

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