What is Leica's Surprise for 2012 ?

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Re: What is Leica's Surprise for 2012 ?

Leica needs to seriously move out of the high price band of the M9 to a mid-tier solution based on a smaller sensor around M43 (I believe this is the most versatile CSC allowing support for M lenses) with the Leica photographer magic and technology/use innovation.

Only this way they will penetrate newer markets and with decent volumes to stay focused on their core business - selling quality cameras.

I fear if they continue the high price strategy, limited editions and open stores in more locations they will go down the path of Montblanc and Swarovski.

Today walk into any Montblanc store and you are more likely to see bags, wallets, watches, cufflinks, anything but the pens they were famous for.

Maybe in future in a Leica store, you will find clothing, camera bags, walking sticks, photographs, books. Or would that be a National Geographic store I am describing.

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