Am I jumping the gun and should wait for NEX 7N?

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Re: Am I jumping the gun and should wait for NEX 7N?

ChapelThrill23 wrote:

"The only advantage of the NEX system is size, and I don't think that is much of an issue when you're taking pictures of your children"

Size is a major draw for some uses. For things like taking pictures of family I do like my DSLR. I like the handling and the results and am very comfortable with one.

So, I'm sort of the opposite. Let me describe today, for example, had a nonprofit event downtown where I took photos (indoors, people, presentation), then dance concert at school (horrible, horrible florescent lighting in a school dance studio... with 16 7-yr olds doing tap, jazz and ?), then 10-min change and downtown to the School for the Arts where my older daughter opened in the Nutcracker, then out to dinner and finally home.

And, my camera was slinging along in all that transition - basically it has to go here and there b/c my family is here and there. I have a lot less portrait shooting - or candid capturing at home - than the above, although I would like to have those opportunities.

I took along my latest test, the Nikon D5100 today - and I only took the camera and not the big 55-300mm VR lens I had gotten b/c it was big and filled my camera bag (and I knew I was going all those places). Arrived at event 1, 2 and 3 and regretted completely. All day. I know I can crop but I couldn't really see the faces I wanted to get and don't have time to hit the little "zoom" button to check if you're in focus (especially when someone is pirouetting!)

The reason that i'm probably going to get a NEX to supplement it is travel. I travel a lot and am getting tired of hauling around a full size DSLR and multiple lenses. I'm tired of going on hikes for days at a time with a full size SLR and two to three lenses weighing me down. I think being able to get similar results under most circumstances from something much smaller and lighter is appealing to me and i'm willing to trade off some flexibility and some handling in order to get that size.

I think that sounds like the good choice - and frankly, I'm envious and wish I had upgraded to a dSLR years ago so then I could get the NEX as my second camera and I'd be totally happy! I think that sounds like the ideal solution... But that's $2K invested and different lens systems and that seems like a bad idea.

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