x10 images better than x100 at low isos

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Re: x10 images better than x100 at low isos

solsang wrote:

desinteresadamente wrote:

Hello, I'm a sigma user but i haven't been able to resist the x10's charm.

Amazing, i am a sigma user too, and also fell in love with this cameras looks and function, was seriously planning to buy it when i read about the orbs, yet for me the colour of foveon is way more important; we rarely get strong sunshine in denmark anyway;)

I have been waiting two years for the semi-promised dp3, which could have had the range of x10, and now this fuji is almost all i had hoped for, especially since i am tired of adjusting x3f raws with aging slow spp, and would like to use ooc jpgs again

I am a Sigma user too (own a SD15 and a DP2). I got tired of waiting for a DP3 so I bought a Fuji X10. It's a wonderful little camera! If Sigma comes out with a DPx that accepts Sigma SA-mount lenses, I'm still interested in buying a Sigma product!

If your main goal is image quality (why I bought Sigmas), you might be somewhat disappointed with the X10. However, it is small like a DP2, has a 4x zoom lens (f2.8 at the long end!), and does really well at ISO800 and above (I've been shooting at ISO800). I don't think my Sigmas can keep up with it at high ISOs, but then again I don't own a SD1.

The X10 build quality is flat out excellent, and it is quick and responsive, with many functions. A big change from the Sigma mindset.

Mostly I view images in HD (1920x1080) and my X10 seems to be delivering good results without much need for post processing. This speeds my hobby workflow tremendously (volunteer photo activities and so on).

Eventually I'll get around to doing some sort of comparison between my SD15 (or DP2) and my X10, but I'm not in a hurry.

Get yourself a X10 (and one extra battery) but keep your Sigmas. That's my advice.

You might end up carrying it around all the time though.

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