1DX crop mode?

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Re: 1DX crop mode?

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Another problem is that the Canon crop (EF-S) lenses cannot be physically mounted on the normal full frame EF mount.

You can, if you really want to use the EF-S lenses with an FF camera, put it on a 1.4x TC (which can take EF-S lenses) then mount that on your FF camera. The result, if the TC is any good, will be superior to crop mode.

And this is supposed to be better than crop mode for WA photography which is wat I asked for?


With Nikon where one can mount DX (APS-C) lenses on FF bodies, using the equivalent of a 'built-in TC' with zoom lenses, ie, zooming at least a factor of 1.5x from the minimum focal length can make DX lenses close to useable on FF cameras (eg, the 12-24 mm DX lens can be used from about 19 mm on with only small vignetting on FX cameras).

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