Seeking advice on website & marketing.

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Re: Seeking advice on website & marketing.

I can do all this for you, my experience in these areas is extensive. Your current site lacks google food- there are some glaring errors in the build. Wordpress or Joomla would be a wise choice- though be careful with seo plugins. They are not foolproof. Your best seo move would be to engage an expert in it, again, my experience in this is extensive.

In essence, Google indexes text- remember it was started by nerds (text) not artists (images)- you need a clear hierarchy of content, lots of unique, compelling reading material, and your site needs to comply with accessibility guidelines and all current best practices.

Joomla and Wordpress sites are database driven, essentially using a template to seperate content from presentation. I have front page ranking photography sites in Google, and these systems can be made to work.

I also have straight html (static) sites which pull top rank front page for highly competitive search terms. Html is the Google drug- awesome, quality, quantity content- follow the guidelines and best practices. I have looked over your site, and I could write you a précis of what you need to do to fix it, OR guidelines for starting again, or I could do the work for you- or even mentor you as you do it yourself. I have logged the front page acquisition process over the years I have been doing this, and I have found that there is a consistent formula to follow. Some of it you will find online, some you won't. It has worked for me. I made a site for a mate of mine in Melbourne who runs a transport company- do you reckon THAT'S not competitive? He has been online for 7 months, and for his primary search term (couriers melbourne)- or something similar- a very competitive arena-

he is above the fold on page 1 google organic already. The problem is, his systems (business) can't handle the calls, he wasn't expecting this to happen. SEO was not part of our agreement, but my natural style of development favours SEO anyway.

If you would like to pursue any of these options, just PM me.

You are at a ripe old age with this site- 6 years old is a great age to start kicking seo butt. Hostgator is a good, stable hosting company, I have a couple of sites with them also, and am very familiar with their interface and database system. Stay away from their seo tools, most are a swiss-army-knife or "super-spanner"- not quite specialised enough to do any one thing really well.

Starting with a new URL could work, depending on how competitive the market is for what you are gunning for. One of my top ranking sites, for a highly competitive query, has absolutely nothing in the site name that relates to the industry or the search term, yet it out pulls all the competitors.

Your call mate- we're not competitors, we're half a world apart.

LIFE is a 'long exposure'... and full of 'noise'. Wouldn't want it any other way!

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