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Trevor Sowers
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Re: Agree with OP.

Keep reading and practising I think you will find the system works well in the hands of a trained photographer.

I like how with a multigroup wireless setup that I can change the lighting ratio with a quick spin of the dial on the back of my 580!! This is much faster than how it is done with Nikon. I also like how when I mount several speedlite's on stands and my master flash is also on a stand and connected to my camera with a 7 meter ETTL cable that I am able to change every single setting on the menu of my 5D MKII and then this is all transmitted wireless to the other lights. I can have a manual setup during a live performance and change the output of each flash from the menu and then if something changes and I decide I want to switch to ETTL I can select that from the menu on the camera and just keep shooting without having access to any of my flashes and I don't miss a beat!! I'm not an expert on other systems but the last time I tried this with a Nikon it could not be done!

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