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Re The optical viewfinder is for … glaring sunlight

Peter Nelson wrote:

The optical viewfinder is for framing and compostion in glaring sunlight. You should already have the Canon G12 set for the photograph using the external controls, then if the glare is too great to see clearly on the rear LCD when you are about to take the shot you resort to using the OVF.

Some time I want to buy a compact camera for use when it is not practical to carry my DSLR outfit. However, in common, I guess, with most other “baby boomers” who are not short-sighted, without reading glasses my eyes can no longer focus on fine detail like that shown on a camera monitor. It would be very inconvenient to need to carry and use glasses to take photos, and so I want a camera I can use primarily through its viewfinder. (I can read the large print “Information” screen on my Nikon D90 without glasses, but I would hate to try to compose a photo from such a blurry view.) If the Canon G12 viewfinder is not suitable for general use, are there any zoom compacts no bigger than the G12 which would be much better?

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