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Re: I skipped Canon; went with Metz 76 on 5d2

but you have no HSS with metz, right? so, useless.

Teila Day wrote:

rsn48 wrote:

The Metz flash line is very good. Metz has been around for a long time and have been reverse engineering flashes for a number of decades, the Metz flash division is 57 years old. Metz is considered the best of the third party flashes for Canon, other than Quantum, which I haven't tried.

I also use several Nikon SB800 speed lights on my Nikons. I found the SB900 and even the new 910 to be a waste of money if you already have one or more SB800s, but great for Nikon shooters that don't have a powerful speed light.

I didn't think twice about skipping the Canon speed lights when I got the 5d2 because I refused to be locked into a proprietary setup that I couldn't migrate between brands. At least with the Metz, I get basic TTL practically no matter what brand I use. I purchased the Canon "module" and get ETTL, Rear Sync, etc.. and it works like a champ (although I mostly hand meter), and easily provides more light than a speed light from Nikon or Canon. I use it with the common battery, and the Quantum turbo 3 pack.

Metz has a bit of a dated menu interface, but it works fine.

Rent a Hasselblad? I can use the Metz.
Shooting my Nikons? I can use the Metz.
Shooting the Canon 5d2? I can use the Metz.

I don't think I'll ever go back to OEM speed lights. unless they come out with one that washes the car, bathes the kids and cleans the house.

I might change my mind down the road, but for right now I'd only consider Metz or Quantum.
Teila K. Day

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