Lighting setup for the Canon MP E 65mm Macro lens

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Canon's MT-24EX

Although I've made some changes this will give you a basic idea of how to build a diffuser for the MT-24EX:

I use a Kaiser adjustable flash shoe to change the angle of the key flash (the one I position toward the top of the lens) so that the light isn't even around the subject, and I get a break on the specular highlights as well.

Here's a sample of what I can do with the light. All single frames (I don't focus stack) and hand held and taken with the MPE-65mm:

5x @F11

3x @F14

Very easy to use hand held because the rig is balanced (all the weight is centered and most of it is back toward me).

Although not as obvious as stopping a balloon in mid pop macro is a form of flash based stop motion photography: Keeping the duration of the flash as short as possible will help you to freeze motion and get sharp images.

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