Image samples, pls? Nex 5N used for sports and theater/concert photos?

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Re: Image samples, pls? Nex 5N used for sports and theater/concert photos?

OK, so I thought I owed the thread a follow up after I used the NEX 5N and the zoom lens (55 - 210 mm) at my daughters' holiday concert. These aren't award-winning photos by any means but I generally feel like I got what I would have liked from the tap dance. I will say that I had to weed out these from about 25 - some were just a matter of choice (better tap positions than others) but about 8 were blurry. So, that is bound to happen - I guess comes with the choice of the mirrorless vs a dSLR - but a little frustrating. I had hoped to spend a little less time in pp.

And, I guess I'd say that I don't think they have particular depth - my daughter is in focus just as much as the other girls, though I could crop them away. That's just a matter of taste I suppose.

And, some had a weird yellowish tint while others were perfect. I wasn't too familiar with the camera only having it a day so I should have changed the white balance for sure. So, if a few look a little overprocessed that's my fault in trying to remove the yellow tint.

I did also try anti-motion blur but they were too slow when adding the processing time at the end (and she moved too much). And, I tried sports and continuous motion.

All in all, I will say though - excellent performance in low light and, probably most favorable, I carried that baby around, plus the zoom lens, very comfortably in my existing camera bag. That was very nice.

So, overall, I'm still a little mixed - like the images I could share and think the camera, for its size, performed very very well. I'm not sure I LOVE it though. One thing that really irks me is that I have to choose between a flash and the EVF. First, I'd like to have both as a choice, and 2nd, by the time I buy both, I'm at another $500. Hmmmm...

Here they are - again, please don't slam me - just trying to show what I caught amidst the movement (the fourth one below with the girls leaping cracks me up!)

If you see the one little girl smiling right at the camera in the image below, that's my girl! Pretty amazing though that no one else is blurry given all the movement of the other girls' faces.

Here's the yellow tint that I mentioned - the second photo above also had that tint.

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