Rolls royce of filter manufactuers?(CPL)

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Re: Hoya nowhere near 2/3 stop better....

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I would recommend B+W MRC polarizers.

Have you tried Hoya HD CPLs? It's not just marketing, they really do have a higher transmission than (most) other CPLs.

Yeah but transmission is only part of the story, what's their extinction coefficient? A UV filter has great transmission but makes a poor polarizer

Well, according to (see articles) the red/green/blue extinction coefficient is 1.03E-2/3.20E-4/2.69E-3 for Hoya HD, and for B+W KSM it's 7.19E-4/7.27E-4/1.85E-2. I don't really know what that means, but you're probably right that there's no free lunch. The measured mean transmission is 41.7% vs. 34.4%, and the overall transmission and extinction coefficient scores are 9/15 vs 8.38/15.

Earlier, you wrote:

Hoya HD is worth a try. It has almost 2/3 stops less light loss than most other CPLs (except maybe Singh-Ray CPLs, but they are probably more expensive).

The difference between 41.7% and 34.4% is only 0.28 stops. That's less than half of the "2/3 stop" that Hoya quotes, and, in my opinion, nowhere near enough to make me come anywhere near a polarizer that leaks 14x as much red as the competition. Not to mention the hassles of cleaning a Hoya (worse than other brands, that's the main reason I'm phasing them out).

If you take 2/3 stops from 41.7%, you get 26.2% transmission, or just about 2 full stops light loss. I don't think any name brand maker has made a polarizer that bad in a decade or two, so I have no idea what they'd base a claim on, of "most other" polarizers acting this way.

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Well, the Hoya HD CPL has close to 2/3 stops (somewhere in between 1/2 and 2/3 stops) less light loss than my other CPLs (Hoya Pro1, Kenko Pro1), and it's much easier to clean than other Hoya CPLs. Aren't you getting curious enough to try it out for yourself some day?

P.S. - Found this post by another 'SB', who has both Hoya HD and B+W KSM CPLs :

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