Next prime lens after Pana 14mm for my brand new G3

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There's actually quite a difference in angle of view between 14, 20 and 25mm

Prime lenses are pretty limiting compared to zooms, so it depends on what kind of subject matter you like to take photos of, and which field of view is likely to be most suitable to that subject.

The 25mm is equal to the 50mm that used to be the standard focal length on old film cameras, before zoom lenses were invented. It was a pretty boring compromise. Long enough so that you could take a picture of a person's face, but not so narrow that you wouldn't have a hope of ever getting the exterior of a building into the frame.

For a general walk-around prime, to the extent that such a thing can be said to exist, I would say the 20mm is the best, but your preferences might differ.

I wouldn't recommend the 14mm, except for somebody who has a GF2/GF3 and wants to make it really slim. I hate to tell you this, since you already bought it, but it's pretty pointless on a G3. It's no sharper than the zoom lens, and the camera is still not really pocketable with it.

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