Mac + Epson R3000 owners: DO NOT USE driver version 8.36 !!!

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Re: Similar issue with Windows 7?

When the printer was priming it stopped in the middle of the process with some sort of "ink error" message on the display telling me that I should shut the printer off. So some sort of unknown thing interrupted the priming process. After turning the printer back on, priming went though fine but as the manual says it must have done something like dumped whatever ink made it into the lines from the previous priming attempt.

Epson support confirmed that the priming process must have wasted a bunch of ink due to the interruption, but they didn't offer any ideas on what might have caused it. I know that I didn't power the thing off or do anything to interrupt it, the power didn't blink (and the printer was plugged into a UPS anyway), and the only thing plugged in was the power cable, so it must have encountered something unexpected, but other than "ink error" there's nothing to indicate what was wrong.

Anyway, Epson offered to send me a new set of ink cartridges (without any prompting or prodding at all) and I just received them today. Can't complain about that! Epson has excellent support and really stands behind its products.

The only thing that I can imagine that might have been a factor in the priming failure is that it was rather cold outside and I had just received the package from a cold delivery truck not too long before setting up the printer. I did let the box sit around for an hour or so inside before setting up the printer, but maybe the ink was still too cold when I installed it and some sort of viscosity issue with the ink caused the error? I don't remember the cartridges being particularly cold but I didn't exactly take their temperatures.

Anyway, anyone setting one of these up for the first time, or maybe even just changing ink cartridges, might want to make sure the ink cartridges have had plenty of time to settle out at room temperature should they arrive hotter or colder than normal due to weather conditions. Not sure how much it matters but I'll probably be doing this in the future just to make absolutely sure it isn't a factor.

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