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Re: 'Normal Expectation'....

deeohuu wrote:

I don't expect to pay that much for a camera that is worse than any other camera of the same tier.

So much for melodramatics and an outright lie... Having swapped my Canon G12 for the X10, I can attest to the fact the the Fuji is quite a superior camera for a P&S. Coupled with my EF-20 flash, it's a joy to use.

The orbs are real, but quite rare. I do believe firmware can overcome most of the "problem", and I'll be quite happy with that. I have yet to see one in all my shots .

Fuji has released a firmware statement about the orbs in less than three weeks. I think that's being responsive. As a former manager of software development, I can tell you the firmware fix will take a while.

If you want to continue bitching, please don't . Switch cameras and visit another forum. We're trying to learn from one another, not feed trolls...

Bedford, TX

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