S100 @ ATL Botanical Gardens Lightshow

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Re: S100 @ ATL Botanical Gardens Lightshow

wildplaces wrote:
prefer RAW to any JPEG, but do use it occasionally
if I want to use a specific filter, scene mode or
digital zoom (which I have found amazingly sharp.)

Really? Which settings? I've been meaning to compare the 2.0 tele converter setting at 24mm and M2 with a Photoshop crop and downsample.

The only test I did was 20x zoom at the VGA size and Photoshop did noticeably better than the camera. I figured the tele converter wasn't likely to be better but if you have any firsthand knowledge that'd be interesting.

I was told by others not to use flash in the restaurant, but did use it a couple times.

Yeah, it's always conundrum...

I have pressed my luck successfully with that sometimes by using the minimum flash power setting. Manually. IDK if -2 FE comp would also work. Compared to the usual camera flash, minimum power is much less intrusive.

With a little work, you can use DPP to convert the RAW file three times...

OK that's bizarre that they don't let you accomplish the same thing with a curve.

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