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Re: One thing is for sure

The price of entry into the profession is not lower than say 20+ years ago.

Lets go 30 years ago,

Camera body: Canon Ae-1P, Nikon FM2, Olympus OM2 all three with attached 50mm 1.8 lens would set a person back what maybe $300-$400.

On Camera flash: $100-$200

Telephoto lens, fixed or zoom: 100F2.8, 105F2.8, zoom from 35-100 ll could be had from say $150 to maybe $350.

Cheap camera bag: $50

35mm 36 exp. film, pick your brand $2.00 -$4.00 per roll ( 5 rolls = $10- $20)

Newspaper ad for a month what $20

Total: $630.00 to $1040.00

My point is it is nothing new to have weekend warriors other inexperienced low buck newbies who shoot for cheap and maybe for beer.

Cheap and/or unappreciative or lack of understanding clients are nothing new too. Horror stories of lousy wedding photography abound back then too. It is just that it was more difficult for said stories to spread around. Today with the internet it all good or bad spreads like wild fire. Ignorant babble on line by folks is easier to find and easier for other ignorant or unappreciative people to accept and fall into. 20-30 years ago it just was not as easy to read/hear about it all.

Your business and direction is and always has been more about YOU and how you see and grow yourself and the business in your market area than it is about any of those cheap, ignorant, unappreciative customers. Sure things lie beyond our control, they always have, its how you handle and respond to these that matter.

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