Are You Embarrassed Being Seen with an Olympus in Your Hands?

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Are You Embarrassed Being Seen with an Olympus in Your Hands?

In a world where "Image" has become all important, I wonder how many Olympus will feel a little uneasy about being seen using their Olympus cameras. I have already just read a thread in which someone already mentions that a colleague has given him the run down on the state of Olympus.

Certainly here in Hong Kong, and indeed amongst the well-healed of mainland China (of which Hong Kong is now part - kind-of, being seen with the "right" brand name is an all important part of proving yourself as successful.

So carrying an Olympus, especially in group outings and in-company staff photo clubs (HIT comes to mind) means that you don't have the money for the latest model so, by definition, you must be a failure!

Myself, I don't give a monkey's ... I was still taking outings with 18-year old OM2n until 2001 and didn't give too hoots what anyone else thought or said. And when the girlfriend complained that she didn't want to be photographed with an old camera then I'd get a new girlfriend!

In fact I'd love to see everyone here in Honkers put their Olympus stuff on the second hand market so that I can pick-up some real bargains and perhaps finally get an E-5 and shoot with that for 18 years! Already many prices have dropped; the second hand shops of Sim (or is it "Sin") City in Mongkok have dropped Olympus prices. I guess they know that most locals won't buy them because of "image" problems (and I don't me the image in the camera). I have just come back from trying to part exchange my E-510 for an E-5. But no deal, they didn't want it. Just out of interest I asked a few of the other shops what they'd offer for an E-510 body (with box and all bits and pieces, etc). Three didn't want it, one offered HKD500!

Never mind! My team is now an E-1 (bought second hand from the shop that refused the part exchange!) , an E-500 and E-510. Please, people of Hong Kong at least do feel embarrassed holding your Olympus cameras and sell them off real cheap. Especially the E-5 model.

For me, no embarrassment al all at holding a fine Olympus camera in my hands! And probably another new girlfriend!

Olympus E-1 Olympus E-5
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