G1 with legacy lenses for macro

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Re: G1 with legacy lenses for macro

Michael L NYC 99 wrote:

I have the OM 50mm 3.5 macro and have used it a lot with my GF1, using it mainly for outdoor shots of flowers and often times with a Vivitar 2x teleconverter attached. The lens has a short minimum focus distance (I think about 6 inches from the front of the lens bezel) and gives a nice defocused background when focused close to your subject. Sharpness is very good when accurately focused. I use a tripod most of the time with this lens.

I have not had great success using this lens for bees and butterflies because the combination of manual focus and moving objects does not mix well.

You may also want to try using a monopod. I was doing all handheld macro shots and was getting pretty frustrated, unless it was a bright day and could use small apertures and fast shutter speeds. Once I finally bit the bullet and got a monopod, I found it really made an immediate and big difference. I could relax a bit and get much better shots.

My macro lens is a Nikon 60mm f2.8 AF-D and for flying critters like dragonflies and butterflies, I find it too short and the focus a little finnicky. Crawly things or bees working on flowers are too busy to bother. I tried using a Nikon TC-201 2x teleconverter I have kicking around and it made a big difference. I was able to shoot and focus from much farther away and actually get some nice shots.

The problem is the teleconverter makes the lens pretty unwieldy... M4/3 adaptor + teleconverter + lens... in terms of length and weight, even with my GH2 on a monopod. It also seems to lose a couple of stops. NOT good, since I like shooting in the woods and when it's overcast.

So, I finally broke down and ordered a Nikon 105mm f2.8 AI-s macro lens from KEH. It's a little bit longer and a couple of ounces heavier than the 60mm, but the extra reach, combined with f2.8 should be a good combo. (I've got thing for manual Nikon lenses, too. ) I ordered a set of cheap M4/3 extension tubes ($8.59!), along with a lens adaptor from Rainbow Imaging, so maybe I'll find a good solution between all that stuff.


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