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Re: Micro 4/3rds Travel Kit

NickR wrote:

Am interested in a full featured Micro-4/3rds travel kit when I don't want to bring my SLR. Would like wide-normal zoom coverage to at least moderate tele, with a faster prime lens, probably either the 20mm 1.7 or 14mm 2.5. I am thinking of a 3 lens setup. I may well want a viewfinder.

I would like to stay below US $1K-$1200 for everything. Anyone have any thoughts?

Some of mine. If you've got the prospect of good light and that's what you're mainly concerned about then my personal practice is::

(a) you don't need to worry too much about stabilisation or fast lenses;
(b) so: you can mix Oly lenses with Panasonic bodies, and flexibility;
(c) if you have no specific plan to shoot specific types of scene, then
go for as wider a span of lengths as possible, good quality lenses and
portability, such as the Oly 9-18 & 14-150 lenses with Oly or Pany body; &

(d) if taking a third, a fast GP normal lens, perhaps a bit wide such as a 28mm -
longer length shots can be cropped either back home or in the camera's
cropping mode, and at a pinch you've still got a digital telephoto mode.

Mind you, you may not get these lenses and body for your budget. If necessary concentrate on the lenses and go for an older body. You're not traveling all the time so be clear what you'd do with too-tailored a kit the rest of the time.

My own gear is all-purpose and comprises those two Oly lenses and a G2, together light and compact (at least for a DSLR). Perhaps one day I'll get that faster GP normal-ish lens.

John Bunney

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