MacBook Pro 13", 2.4GHz i5 w/ SSD or 2.8GHz i7?

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Re: MacBook Pro 13", 2.4GHz i5 w/ SSD or 2.8GHz i7?

Well guys, I appreciate your advices very much. I have will save some money to buy the 2.8 GHz i7, and about the SSD i'm not sure yet.

first i'll answer some questions from post above: i've chosen a 13" because its more suited for travel (to school/train/plane), and the lower price. I want to buy a nice big external monitor in a few month/years to do the postprocessing on a more detailed level. About gaming, i wont do that very much and if i want to do it it will be the more retro-style games, the newer (more graphic demanding) ones are way to difficult in my opinion for some relaxing.

When i looked at the options for the 2.4GHz i5, an additional 128GB SSD is €176 (including additional student-discount), so the price will be around 1200 euros. A new 2.8 i7 is 1275, and (i think the same) with 128GB SSD its 'just' 88 euros more expensive... I thought it would be around the €150-200 range also.

so: 2.4 i5 with SSD is €1187, 2.8 i7 standard configuration €1275 and with SSD its €1363.

Is the Apple SSD the same as of other brands? I've quickly looked at the prices of those and they are around €150+. I haven't looked specificly on the "apple-proof" models though.

So next question for me: 2.8 i7 with standard configuration and later on a SSD or buy the 2.8 i7 with 128GB SSD from Apple? Can someone tell me if there are better 128GB SSD's (at compareable prices of around 150 euros) than the Apple one that i can buy with discount?

p.s. Thanks alot so far guys!

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