i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

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Re: i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

kwtse wrote:

I did not go for D300 and D700 but have been using a D200 for almost 6 years. Last month, the D200 died on me (due to my own fault). I took my 10-year old D100 and use it for the time being while waiting for my D800. The D100 is still working fine and gives good photo.

I would wait for the D800 instead of getting a D700. I set my waiting period of not more than 6 months, i.e. around summer time.

Anyway, even if D800 does not perform as good as expected, the D700 may be cheaper then. Meanwhile I can live with my D100.
These photo were taken with my D100 and the 18-200mm DX zoom.

Those photos make one wonder about all the talk and rage about new gear.
Good stuff.

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