First hour with the E-PL3 and Oly 45mm

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First hour with the E-PL3 and Oly 45mm

The E-PL3 arrived today so I clicked on the Panny 14mm, grabbed the Oly 45mm and went off to Mordialloc Pier (Melbohrne, Australia) to give it all a go in the second half of an early summer afternoon (which followed a 10 C night -- brrr!!!).

Some observations:

1) I bought the E-PL3 to replace the E-PM1 which has worked very well for me with great results (you've seen some of the pix), but didn't quite suit me (4 days to go on eBay and there are heaps of watchers! Some one is going to get a grat camera at a great price! :)). I found the E-PL3 detectably heavier (it's about 50 gms heavier) but not too heavy.

2) It will be a little while before I transition fully; I need to take more advantage of the extra buttons to get what I want in ergonomics. In fact, I had adapted to the E-PM1 very well and was making good use of its menu interface.

3) The f1.8 45mm is a jewel, as everyone knows.

4) On a bright day like today, it was really silly taking the 14mm and the 45mm. I spent a lot of time changing lenses. The standard 14-42 II R zoom would have been much handier, and produced results equally as good in my experience. Well, at least at the wide end. I must do a comparison at the long end.

5) I didn't take the VF-3. I was shooting with the OVF for the 14mm, but had to shoot virtually blind with the 45mm because of the bright light on the LCD. In addition, I was using polaroid filters for some shots and adjusting them on both lenses was very difficult. I recommend the VF-3 (or 2). At the very least a shade thing, and the ClearViewer I used to use with the Panny LX3 would be sa big help too. Of course, I idin;t think until I was writing this that I probably could have done a little better using the semi-articulation of the E-=L3's screen. One of the rasons I switched to it. Well, I'd only had it out of the box 30 minutes when I started!!! Give me a break!

5) At the end of an hour or so, I strolled to the open air café at the base of the pier and began chatted with a bloke there who is nearly as old as me. Turns out he's the father of surf photog, Jason Childs, based in Bali. Jason grew up photographing the sunset (and one or two other bits and pieces, I'm sure!) in and around this very pier, then got a cadetship as a photog with "The Age" newspaper in Melbourne. He now makes shed loads of money with his surf pix but the expenses are formidable too -- anyone for a day's helicopter hire? Anyway, that put my pier snaps in their place!

Most of the pix are straight out of the camera except for size reduction. A coukple needed histogram tweaking in PhotoLine (my preferred PP machine!) and the first one got a bit of addition to the highlights in iPhoto.

With the 14mm.

Same scene with the 45mm. Look at the fishing line from reel to rod of the bloke with the yellow shirt.

Beach birds!

She should be framed as a work of art!

Pretty sharp, quoth the raven (a 100% crop from a bit off the centre of the image).

Just fun! A couple were posing for their own camera. I asked if I might take a pic of them doing it, and they were fine -- did a couple of extra poses for me. Problem was, I could hardly see them on the screen (I have this trouble or worse with all these LCDs in strong light) so the framing isn't quite what I wanted. Also, if I had had the zoom on, I might have zoomed back to W/A for this one to give more prominence to the camera in the foreground. Therewas no time to change lenses. They liked the pic!

Something totally uninspiring to finish with! Lots of boats and jet skis were coming out of Mordialloc Creek beside the base of the pier, but I didn't get a decent pic of any of them. Bummer!

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