Another fence-sitter between E-P3 vs Nex-5n. Help.

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Another fence-sitter between E-P3 vs Nex-5n. Help.

Hi all. I've been bouncing around the internet over the internet and many forums, as I have since 2002 when researching a new camera. I'm down to my 'finalists': E-P3 and Nex-5n. This seems to be a common decision point for many people in the prosumer mindset who like to shoot 'better' photos of family, gatherings, etc. for non-pro use.

Anyway, I was all set to order the E-P3 due to the lenses (overwhelming quality when compared to limited selection on Nex series), when I took one last look at Snapsort and was reminded of Nex 'slaying' E-P3.

Now, you should know that I am NOT a pixel peeper, nor will I dwell on those mindless 'chromatic aberration' or purple fringing tests that rarely make an iota of difference when shooting my kids or neighbors, but for me it is ALL about image quality, and whiel I am not a pro I do see the obvious difference in LX5 output vs E-P3 images.

A friend lent me his X100, and the results were stunning--the APS-C sensor combined with a superb lens were amazing. if ONLY the lens was not fixed at 35mm I would jump on it (of course, if it were not gorgeous prime glass then the results wouldnt be so good in the first place)... so, the high quality of an APS-C sensor amazes me, but the lens selection is not very good on the Nex. When I was chatting with a B&H salesman yesterday he essentially said that the Nex lenses (until some good CZ ones) are basically repurposed Sony camcorder glass/lenses. Not exactly, but you get the point.

However, the Snapsort thing again - the image quality is not even close acc to their testing (again though, I am not a peeper)... so clearly the sensor has a lot to do with it.

I can live without a EVF, etc. and I know the limitations of the Nex camera size, blah blah blah... but I am STRICTLY after final image quality.

And then I looked again at some E-PL2 images from six months ago when I had borrowed another friends camera. The results are very nice indeed... but... when compared to the Nex 5n?

And so, liek many man others, I face the conundrum of choosing between E-P3 (with Oly's great colors and nice lens lineup, etc.) vs Nex-5n which arguably has a fabulous sensor and some good lenses.

Any thoughts to push me one way or another? Thanks.

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