How to display all my images

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How to display all my images

On my home computer, Google screen saver pulls images randomly from everything on the hard drive and displays them for about five seconds. In five years I have accumulated tens of thousands of images. I find that I enjoy seeing my work displayed in this way. It's interesting to see how it has developed and it inspires me to do more when I need inspiration.

Like many photogs these days, I don't print my images. One of the reasons for that is that I don't have a printer -- ha ha. But at the present time, I don't want to print to display my work to myself. Over time, one grows tired of seeing prints displayed on a wall, so you have to go through the hassle of framing something else, only to tire of of it and replace it again some time later.

What I want is a large digital photo frame, about 30 or so inches, flat and slim so it can hang on a wall. I am not aware of such a device being available currently. But a LED/LCD TV would perhaps do the job nicely.

Any kind of monitor will do: TV, computer, whatever, as long as it can be wall-mounted and has a reasonable capacity for display of a fairly full tonal range.

Can anyone suggest a simple, inexpensive way to store and make accessible to the monitor, chosen groups of my images that can then be viewed as a slideshow? Is there some solution that will enable the images to be made available to the monitor and left to run automatically with no input from me, but can also be paused for up to hours at a time if I want to do that? I want it to be completely separate from my computer setup. And I don't like the idea of WiFi connection between computer and wall monitor.

You may think I am asking stupid questions. Why don't I just look at/use my TV set? I don't have a TV set. I haven't watched TV for ten years -- and I don't miss it at all. And I'm out of touch with current TV technology. If they have a USB port, perhaps I can plug in a USB flash drive with lots of images on it, but would it display them in slideshow form? And how could I get it to display certain groups of images, while excluding others? And could I pause it for long periods? Say 3 hours or more?

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
(I am based in California, USA)

Max Cottrell

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