5N overheating while shooting video?

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Re: For quality video get a real camcorder

Markr041 wrote:

"Actually, I had the TM700 and, while the video was nice, I found the lens sub-par. Very low contrast and prone to flaring, particularly at the long end. I only used it for casual use.

I actually find I use my HX9V for video...it has great quality video (not far from the 5N), has incredible focal range, is tiny and is not as prone to overheating. And it can shoot in reasonably low light. Just a great little camera!"

This is surely not right. I have both the TM900 and the Hx9v. The Hx9v is very good but the TM900 is the sharpest, most color-accurate camcorder below $5,000, as agreed by all reviewers and professional videographers. Here is a screen grab at the the extreme telephoto ("long end") of my TM900 (identical to the TM700)

This is one frame from the video; it is not a still photo. The Hx9v and the Nex-5N do not come close.

I didn't have so many issues with low contrast scenes like yours, but when specular highlights came into the picture, I'd get dreamy effects. Taking videos of kid's concerts, the reflections off the instruments looked horrible. The HX9 OTOH looks quite nice.

Just my experience.


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