From Siberia with Love and Flower Power

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Re: From Siberia with Love and Flower Power

My comments on the photo :

1. There’s no beauty of LIGHT. The whole photo is flat, dull & boring.
Let me see the beauty of light :

As such, the photo lacks a key anchorage point. All elements just flow around helplessly.

2. The modern ink-jet poster backdrop against such a classic grandeur architectural background is a big drawback.

More disappointing is its subject matter being such a petite common flower seen in countryside & everyday life. It’s too “wholesome” & looks like an unrelated pop ad.

It weakens & distracts the “dismemberment” theme and the setting of the whole pic.

3. The font of “Pomaulka” is too vivid, modern & sporty. It helps nothing to express the beauty of death, nor its grimness.

Again, it contradicts the “dismemberment” theme and the nostaglic elements such as the old-style grinder, the velveteen sofa box & the historical architecture.

4. The grinder appears trivial in proportion to the whole pic & thus too insignificant to carry any impressive weight.

5. The spread of the model's limbs & body is awkward. Cannot see any aesthetics, direction. nor message.

The mannequin hand on her breast is totally tawdry & superfluous.

Her beauty is wasted. It's a big pity.

6. The drapery of the fabric on the body looks bad. Every curl & ripple should carry beauty.

Now is but a cheap polyester crumpled matt sateen hung there & looks awful in texture.

It would look much better in a rich flow of silk chiffon, or more textured velveteen or even in a gold lamé if more glamor is intended.

All three would go well with the architectural background & add weight to your photo. Do learn from old paintings.

Now there’s utterly no FLAIR anywhere in the pic – which is fatal to any such portrait success.

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