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Azfar wrote:

I just bought a t3i and looking to buy a prime lens. I know The nift fifty is the crowd favorite because of the low price and the value for money it offers. But what if i'm willing to spend a little more. What about the next alternatives in line from Canon i.e.

28mm f2.8 $250
24mm f2.8 $369
35mm f2 $400

Do you have a kit lens or just camera body?

If you have kit lens, you should shoot with it for some time to find out what focal length suits you better. Optically 35/2 is probably the best between the mentioned lenses, but I personally don't find this focal length useful on a crop body.
And what are you going to shoot with it?

Are they any good. recommended? anyone using them? I'm inclined towards the 28mm since its cheaper of these three and wider than the 50mm. Should i go for it?

Bear in mind that i'm a beginner when it comes to dSLRs. and i know that it is trickier to shoot with the primes as there is no zoom and one has to move a little bit more to get the required composition. So will it be easier / difficult to shoot with a 50mm or a 28mm.
Would really appreciate some guidance here. Thanks : ).

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