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Re: Nikon software rage

photoforfun wrote:

Underneath a link to a sample of a file send to me from somebody who claimed NX2 permanently crashes with that file.

I did 22 PP steps with over 500 individual PP actions on that file, everything went fine.

The main reason NX crashes is a compatibnility problem with software that is running in the same environnement.

I was the person sending the admitted it initially crashed on your system just like mine. You attributed this to "corrupt data", which of course NX2 is responsible for.

When NX2 corrupts its own data, causing itself to subsequently crash, this indicates slipshod programming. In computer science, we call this lack of data validation.

Re "compatibility with software that is running in the same environment", each Win32 process is an independent, isolated address space. The basic design is to disallow one process from crashing another, not like earlier non-protected operating systems where this was possible.

This is why Lightroom, Photoshop, etc don't constantly crash. The fundamental operating system design protects them from other processes. They don't require convoluted corrective measures, such as installing and re-installing .NET libraries, etc.

Like most brittle, buggy software, you can sometimes "walk on eggshells" and find a procedural sequence which reduces the crashes. This doesn't indicate the root cause or solution.

The main reason NX2 crashes so much is NOT a hardware problem, NOT a compatibility problem with other software, and NOT a user error. It has some nice features, but is poorly written, poorly-debugged software. It is a disgrace to the programmers who wrote it, the test team who tested it, and most of all the program manager who oversaw it.

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