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skysi wrote:

Will Canon ever produce a flash light on par with Nikon flash lights?

It does. Several. You have to learn how to use them, tough.

Nikon has come up with a new flash with such awesome functions (I'm sure you all read the article) and there's nothing from Canon.

...err....The SB900 introduced the " awesome functions ", the 910 is only an update.

( the way, the SB900 also introduced some " not-so-awsome " ones like changing the head and hotshoe design which led to incompatibilities and introducing an overheat problem during fast bursts use....)

This constant downplaying of Canon's flash system against Nikon's is one of the most strange myths of all times.

I guess it was started and is being propagated by users who simply do not take the time to learn how to use system.

I have 1 EX580III and 4 EX550, working with Pocket Wizards TL system and I am in awe at what I can get from the set up.

Camera metering for the reflection of the dusk sky in the pool's surface with the EX580, (direct, no modifiers) just laying 20-30 cm above ground, driven by the PW connection.

Canon's "unpar" ETTL system executed exactly what I was envisaging.

If you have not yet read this, I would suggest you do and then report back how you find Canon's system lacking.

(...or taking advantage of the free article that stemmed the book: )


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