X10 vs Canon sx230

Started Dec 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
YiannisPP Senior Member • Posts: 1,621
Re: X10 vs Canon sx230

I had no doubt that the ISO400 would be better on the X10, but your ISO100 comparison does not magnify for me, don't know why.

We can just wait for DPR to load X10 samples as Kim said and do all sorts of comparisons.

But apart from the huge advantage in the tele reach, I'd add that the SX230 is a lot smaller and actually fits in a jeans pocket.

So if you really enjoy shooting under different and challenging conditions, take the X10 as it has superior IQ in ISO> 200. If you prefer to shoot in good lighting, like to reach and isolate far away subjects and want to be able to get out on a summer's day with no bag but just your camera in your jeans pocket (and have great video and save a lot of money), then get the SX230.

If you have some money to spare, get both. I might do:)

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