Adobe Camera Raw sharpen?

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Bruce Oudekerk
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Thanks Jeff...

A sincere thanks Jeff, but I’m still confused.

I’m convinced that LR sharpens at the appropriate point…however there are many like me that don’t use LR and some of us will never use LR. So the problem remains whether there are issues in ACR and PS regarding what happens if there is significant or perhaps excessive sharpening in ACR before it goes into PS modifications.

Right or wrong, I’m using ACR to ‘ballpark’ my ‘development’ of the RAW image. To me, that means WB correction… tweaking the end points to get them appropriately situated for my inevitable exposure screw-up’s… get the gamma or curves approximated… generally leave clarity the hell alone,… clean up the small occasional CA in mission critical images… maybe do some noise reduction as needed. I have a reasonable understanding of the inter relationship between sharpening and noise and even made a stab at explaining my convoluted thinking about it where I said I sharpen and de-noise in ACR for a balanced effect and then, at the last moment, turn sharpening off only to sharpen again in PS to control the process better. Not only is that confusing for anyone else reading this but its convoluted enough that I look at the process askew myself. My point was that I felt strongly about NOT sharpening in ACR…perhaps I should revisit that. I must at least rethink this.

Of course I’ve been under the assumption that the radius and amount in ACR are actually similar to that in USM, which might very well be unwarranted. But there is NO doubt that 0.5 and certainly 0.6 is an excessive radius in USM for most of my sharp images even as a base sharpening.

Jeff Schewe wrote:

The ideal approach is to set the sharpening and noise reduction to look "good" in ACR/LR.

I've been doing a three point approach to sharpening for many years although I do creative sharpening the least. I note that you talk about capture sharpening and I speak of base sharpening and they sound suspiciously similar. Capture sharpening in ACR quite frankly scares me as I typically tweak a lot in PS which is a lot further down the pipeline. I believe we are on the same page regarding creative and output sharpening.

The thing that makes me nervous about any position I might take is that I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. My understanding is that for an image to make the transition from a Bayer sensor capture to manifest itself as a raster, it has to undergo some form of sharpening, although the term sharpening might be loosely used. What this will come down to in my mind at this juncture of my understanding is whether or not the ‘sharpening’ in ACR is affecting he fundamental demosaicing process. If so, I’m really missing the boat here. If I want to use a tool…I need to understand the tool, its usage and ramifications. I understand USM but I confess the ‘capture sharpening’ in ACR escapes me. Looks like I need to read your book and then make informed decisions:)


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