Puppies with lousy background...

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Hi Alan ..

Initially, I brought the original into ACR to adjust for some of the color cast and blown-out areas and then, back in CS, I used the quick selection tool on the blue channel. This one was the best for dark/light separation. When I had a rough selection saved (to an alpha channel) and the full RGB version now visible, I entered quick mask mode. Here, I could refine the selection areas with the use of a white or black brush. Out of quick mask and with the marching ants visible, select/refine mask is a great tool to get the selection much more accurate. When that was done, again I saved the selection to an alpha channel and with it, I could apply whatever to the photo and isolate the effect(s) to either the BG or the just the puppies, blend them with a mask, etc.

I hope this is of some help.


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