5N banding at high ISO?!

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It's called haze (scattering)

ntsan wrote:

It is noticeable on the 5N screen, that why I took a few more pictures, man some of you need better monitors if you can't see

And yeah thanks to some of you guy's explanation so it is booming not banding. I can't believe I am the only one who notice this problem?

Pointing at a beach ball and saying why can't you see the freight train will get the same reaction.

I don't think that's blooming either. My guess would be that humidity was close to the dew point and what you're looking at is normal atmospheric haze enhanced by gross overexposure of the light sources. If so, it has nothing to do with your camera.

It is possible that it is sensor blooming, but the sensors in NEX are not prone to that. It is more likely that it is slight haze or scratches in/on your lens, or even internal reflections involving the sensor and/or a filter (flat filters are the cause of a lot of halation-like glow).

To check for these problems, take a LED penlight, remove your lens, and closely examine it with the light -- especially look for smudges on the rear element. If there is no sign of haze, smudges, or scratches, remount the lens (without any filters) and take an in-focus photo of the penlight from a distance of 10 or more feet away in a darkened low-humidity room. If you don't see huge "blooming" from that, it was simply a hazy night (atmospheric scattering).

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