MFT like a rangefinder? Where has this nonsense come from?

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Re: who cares

I don't believe Fuji will take the path of a rangefinder. The rangefinder is good but obsolete technology and no camera manufacturer moving forward will adopt it. Leica continues to pursue this path to satisfy their legions of fans who will not change to another brand even if the latter made a rangefinder.

Having said that, I believe it will not be too long for manufacturers to incorporate built in OVF in mid-sized bodies like the PEN or GX series. Fuji and Sony have shown us it can be done. I am not sure if this is a good thing though as OVFs are electronic and like all things electronic will obsolete very quickly.

In this regard I would like Leica or other manufacturer to introduce component level upgradeability, e.g. change the sensor in-body to a newer one or the CPU or the OVF etc. This will not be easy as newer technologies will pose additional interface challenges.

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