Keep LX3 and LX5 both?

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Re: Keep LX3 and LX5 both?

I too jumped on the Amazon deal despite, or perhaps because of owning an LX3 for three years now. I'm eager to experience the faster response, revised controls and of course, longer zoom range. Several here report some jpeg degradation in the switch so I'll have to see about that, too (I don't always shoot RAW).

I have enough dslr gear to sink a small boat, and the LX gives me a go-everywhere alternative I've learned to respect greatly. We'll see how its offspring does, sometime this week.



p.s. I was able to get a Sigma DP1s on a similar Amazon deal last year and while it certainly isn't an LX replacement, it does show what you can do with a camera virtually the same size and weight WRT image quality.

danielsonkin wrote:

As you may recall, I bought the five in October but returned it because I felt it was redundant to my G11. But I couldn't resist grabbing one at the $269 price last week.

If I still had my 3, I would sell the LX5 for $300 or more and you would have made a nice little profit. I sold my LX3 on ebay for $250 a few months ago, so the upgrade only cost about $20. I also order the EVF which is a nice addition for stability and bright light shooting.

The 5 jpgs were not as sharp as the 3 jpgs, but I shoot primarily raw so I can make up the difference in post processing. But I can see how people are very attached to their LX3's, it is a terrific camera. However, the 5 is much faster with auto focus and shot to shot; at least that's what I experienced when I had it for those two weeks in October.


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