US military legacy rubs off on Iraqi youth

Started Nov 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
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William Carson
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Re: Bizarre thoughts! The science behind the DU claims

The ordinance itself is not radioactive. That is not the source of genetic damage. Listen to the whole interview with Chris Busby. What happens with uranium munitions is that the heat generated on impact vaporises from around 10% to 40% of the substance which is then inhaled as fine dust and replaces calcium in the body. In an infant fetus or embryo, that is a lot and from there the uranium acts as an absorber of background gamma rays (which normally pass through the body). When that happens, (a gamma ray hitting a uranium atom) the energy of impact throws out a shower of ionizing high energy electrons which damage the DNA. The evidence of genetic damage is clear from the surveys done. The British, Belgians, and other nations have banned manufactor and use of this material. The U.S. military does not want to give up this type of weapon and they have a lot of clout in the government.

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