5N banding at high ISO?!

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Enhanced image and it's evaluation

ntsan wrote:

For some reason when shooting a scene with bright moon I see banding across it

Well, I didn't see it... so I've applied the retinex algorithm to enhance the flaws:

Even so, I don't see much to complain about here -- it's way better than most DSLRs I've seen.

There is a line across the frame that probably is an analog artifact caused by gross overexposure of the moon. Some of the other noise also correlates with the horizontal scan, which is usually due to digital noise from the processor, but it's less than I'm used to seeing. Basically, it looks like a mild case of normal high-ISO noise with a bit of vignetting. JPEG artifacting (8x8 pixel blocking) is most visible in the flare from the lights, but overall is less severe than I'd expect given the scene.

Such defects are there for most cameras, but unnoticed, until one day you're pixel-peeping....

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