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Here's another (admittedly crazy) possibility: We review the cameras that have actually been launched and made available for review, and the manufacturers advertise products that have actually been launched and are (or will soon be) available to buy. We concentrate on system cameras first, and a few high-end compacts 2nd. Sony, Olympus and Panasonic have new models in the first category, so we reviewed them. Canon and Fuji have interesting compacts (the S100 and the X10), so these are being reviewed now. We are investigating issues with the S100 and the X10, and as we do with all cameras we are in contact with the manufacturers about them. This delays the process, but at least they listen to us.
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Thank you indeed for confirming that you will not review a camera that has issues.

Here's another (admittedly crazy) possibility: DPReview users may be more interested in knowing about an issue while it exists rather than after it has been fixed (and have bought the camera).

We need to know if it's something that can be fixed in firmware or not, and to find out why it's happening.

Ultimately, in the long run yes of course - we all do.

However, that really shouldn't delay any review that should feature/highlight any problem, and just simply state that the issue is known to the manufacturer who is actively investigating, and recommend to check back at a later date for any subsequent knowledge/update/fix.

Unfortunately, by delaying any review, you are knowingly allowing many unsuspecting purchasers to potentially buy a product with a known problem regardless of whether there is going to be a later fix or not.

We're not delaying the review - all reviews take a long time and and most require some communication with the manufacturer for clarification etc. The X10 will be reviewed and the 'white orb' situation assessed and commented upon. If it's fixable via firmware (within a short period of time), we'll wait for the fix (since this will be available to all owners). If not, we won't.
Simon Joinson, Editor

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