5N banding at high ISO?!

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Re: 5N banding at high ISO?!

Slynky wrote:

My first guess is that DRO is on auto. Seems like I've read that somewhere before--that it tends to interfere in low light.

It is turned off, don't really like the rendition from DRO

Senaca wrote:

In my experience, shooting RAW and processing will in itself remove this as it is a result of the general approximation of pixels (that's what a JPG compression does). The compression can group areas of like pixels and colors, and where these areas meet (at the threshold) it can be seen when the compression is too high.

If you shoot RAW, the photo won't have it, and you can export it at a quality that retains all the gradients without banding.

Worth a shot!

PS. May want to consider a longer exposure and lower ISO if you want night landscape scenes to turn out nice and sharp

I guess I could try next time

redsim74 wrote:

Not really seeing and banding on my (admittedly poor) work monitor.

I see a lot of lens flare and possibly artefacts from same. Are you using a filter on your lens?

Trying to figure out which part of Auckland you're shooting from.

No filter is used on the 16mm
btw it was close to AGG

Scott Larson wrote:

Did you rotate the camera between these two shots? I see a dark horizontal line in the first shot and a dark vertical line in the second shot where the moon is.

This is like the opposite of what would happen with CCD sensors, where a hot spot would cause a streak across the image.

Yeah, I think it could be the nature of CMOS sensor to blame

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