How do you actually hold the small SLTs? (35/33/55)

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How do you actually hold the small SLTs? (35/33/55)


I just wonder, because I can't seem to make up my mind about it. I've gone to several shops and tried to handle the A35, but still, I don't know whether it's too small for my hands or not, coming from A700 and A100 ...

When I hold the Camera the "conventional" way the little finger is supporting the base of the body and I use the index-finger for the wheel and the shutter-release. But, still the middle-finger is pretty high holding the grip then and when I try to use the wheel there's difficulty to do so, because the middle-finger somewhat "hides" the wheel, enough not to hit it automatically, until I slide it down, out of way.

The other way to hold it, which is pretty unfamiliar for me, is to grab the actual grip only with the 2 lower fingers, using the middle-finger to operate the wheel and the index-finger only for the shutter-release.

Basically I don't have really big hands, but rather small ones, so I'm a bit confused how one "should" hold it, maybe with even bigger hands. Or does this cam just don't fit normal hands? The "new" model's position of the wheel more in front of the grip rather than on top of it, right next to the shutter-release-button, really makes me wonder whether it's designed to be used with the middle finger.

I'm really tempted by the small SLTs, right because they are that tiny (I like this, use the A100 right now, when I don't want to carry A700+VG), but I really don't know how handling is affected so I just wanted to ask everybody, whether there are experiences with this, in real-world usage, though the question might sound strange. (I know ...)

Is it just a matter of getting used to it?


Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 Sony SLT-A35
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