wishlist for the S100 successor

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Re: wishlist for the S100 successor

knotty73 wrote:

What I would like to see fixed/changed are the following

  • I miss the button which got lost. I don't make many movies, so why not make the movie button a second assignable button?

Once of the primary reasons for switching to CMOS (aside from the reduced cost) was Full HD video. Most people (myself included) are thrilled with the inclusion of a dedicated button. Some people won't even buy a cam without one. I think they'll keep it.

  • the autofocus is struggling in low light (it feels slower than at the S90, but I might be wrong), which is very annoying since in 98% of all cases I want infinity anyway. So why not add an 'infinity' option to the focus options, and perhaps more important, why not add an 'infinity' option as a possibility for the 'ring func' button.

Canon's P&S AF has been well behind Panasonic and Sony for quite some time; it would be great to see it improved. Infinity focus is already included in the manual focus and if the S100 is like the S95, it stays set to infinity until you change it, even if you shut the camera off.

  • the camera became somewhat slimmer than the S90, I would have preferred to trade the few mm's for slightly faster lens (but I have no idea how the numbers would work out)

I would love a better lens also, but Canon's edge in this market is size. The LX5 and XZ-1 have better lenses, but they aren't pocketable unless you have really big pockets (e.g. jacket, cargo pants maybe).

Also, does anybody see technological developments on the horizon which could have an impact soon? For example CMOS is nice at high ISO, but is that now the end of the line, or is there hope for another leap forward in the near future?

I don't think it's the end of the line, but I wouldn't expect anything groundbreaking.

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